The organization name represents all that it encompasses. The Co is more than company. Co is conversation, commitment, cognizance, comprehension, cosmopolitan, consciousness, counter points, coaching, coalition, conduit, and coexistence.

The group will function in a style similar to a company with various departments and executive roles. Specifically, it is comprised of seven different teams each having a chief officer who will essentially oversee and guide the officers on each team. The teams are entrepreneurship, human resources, consulting, finance, marketing, operations and global awareness.

Women & Company acts as a conduit for women to engage in the world in a more meaningful way. Women & Company will do this by interacting with new employers, engaging in the arts and learning about public events and global awareness. Further, our organization will work with the IU community as a whole to educate students on how women can be successful in the Kelley school of Business. Women & Company plans events focused around open dialogue and communication. Additionally, Women & Company integrates important national and worldly events into the educational experience at Kelley, by building and maintaining a “Worldly Blog” that includes information about the most relevant events occurring in the world each week. This will not only improve students class performance but also broaden their scope.


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