Meet the Co.


Sabrina Rachel Olgin-President 


Komal Nasir-Vice President

Hi everyone! My name is Komal and I am from Carmel, Indiana. I am majoring in Accounting and Operations Management and minoring in Spanish. Besides holding the position as Vice President of Women & Co., I am Financial Vice President of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. I am also a Teaching Assistant for the course Computers in Business, a member of the Marketing Committee for Indiana University Dance Marathon, and the Student Coordinator for Camp Kelley 2016. Indiana University is amazing in that it allows an individual to be involved with a variety of organizations that lead the individual to meet many passionate people. Besides involvement with school, I love to hike in unique places and rollerblade in the summer. I love how pursuing a career in business does not necessarily lead an individual in one direction; it is an ever-changing industry with many opportunities for success. I am currently on track to work in corporate finance or in the consulting field due to my analytical abilities and desire for challenge, but only time will truly tell.


Hannah Thomas-Chief Officer of Global Awareness

I am a rising junior in the brand new Media school here at Indiana University. I am incredibly passionate about politics, writing, fashion, education and the arts. I pride myself in trying to learn about everything under the sun and love getting to meet people and learn their life stories. I value my friendships and family (including my dog) more than anything in this world because they are the people that make me who I am. I am majoring in Advertising, Public Relations and Strategic Communication with a minor in Political Science and Media Law. I love the city of Indianapolis with all my heart and after I graduate from college I want to serve the city and my community in anyway that I can. I also love traveling and my IUDM committee Stewardship. I knew I wanted to go to Indiana University the moment I stepped on to this campus in 3rd grade. This place is magic and will always hold a very special place in my heart. Being apart of Women & Co. so far has been SUCH an amazing experience and I cannot wait to see where this group of women takes this organization and this blog. As the leader of the Global Awareness team, incorporating the real world into this blog is VITAL because everyday life, whether that be politics, education or the stock market- impacts women and business on so many different levels. Women, business, and the news are intertwined with one another and the sooner this is emphasized to girls and women from day 1-the more women will thrive in the real world.


Santana Palepu-Chief Officer of Entrepreneurship

I was born and raised in Southern California, but since I have come to IU, I have learned to call Indiana my home too. I’m a Marketing major, and I love all things creative! This is how I got interested in business, since it combines both creative and analytical thinking. I am also minoring in Apparel Merchandising, and my dream job is to do marketing for a high fashion company. Outside of Women & Co., I am also involved in the American Marketing Association, Undergraduate Business Diversity Council, and my sorority, Delta Gamma. I love that IU has allowed me to meet so many people and get involved in so many different organizations!


Shelby Cornell-Chief Officer of Operations

My name is Shelby Cornell and I am a junior studying Marketing, Management and Professional Sales in Kelley.  I grew up in Buffalo, NY but my family just recently moved to Fort Myers, FL this year. Business is incredibly attractive to me because it grants me the ability to create my own version of success in any industry that I find interesting.  After college, I would love to work internationally for part of my career doing brand management for consumer products.

In addition to Women & Co., I am heavily involved in Culture of Care, CHAARG, Alpha Xi Delta, IUDM and I do marketing for DistinXion.  I love that IU gives me the opportunity to explore a wide range of interests while getting a stellar education.


Shelby Williams-Chief Officer of Consulting

Hi, my name is Shelby Williams! I am originally from Lexington, Kentucky, but grew up in Columbus, Indiana. I am on the premed track, majoring in Supply Chain Management and Information Systems. Sushi is my absolute favorite food & hot yoga is the best invention since fleece sheets. My dog is probably my favorite breathing mammal. Other than Women & Co, I have been involved with Sigma Kappa Sorority, Civic Leadership Development, Banneker Buddies (after school tutoring program for elementary aged students in Bloomington), and Amor Ministries (a nonprofit based out of San Diego, CA, where I spent my summer volunteering…in Mexico…in a TENT). I like business because it is an outlet for so much creativity and personal development when you have the opportunity to be a driving factor behind how a business operates and thrives. Career wise, I have many goals – so hang with me! After graduating from Kelley, my dream is to work with the Peace Corp for at least a year before pursuing some type of grad school. Ideally, I would like to attend medical school to eventually obtain my doctorate and would LOVE to work with our military and be on a deployed medical team to help those who are actively protecting our country every day. After such crazy adventures, I’d like to start my own, or be a part of, a nonprofit organization – doing what? Good question! I am not sure yet – I just know that I want to help people in some way while I live out my days in my Tiny House.


Laura Brett-Chief Officer of Human Resources

My name is Laura Brett and I am majoring in Marketing and Business Analytics at Kelley. I am originally from Indianapolis, Indiana. I love reading and spending time outdoors, which is why I love Bloomington so much; there are so many things to do around campus. I hope to become a Market Analyst in a dynamic company environment. I like business because it is evolving all the time, which creates unlimited opportunity.


Nadine Velasquez-Chief Officer of Finance

I am from Schererville, Indiana.  I am majoring in Accounting and Finance.  I am a part of Women & Co., FYAmbassadors, and Management Leadership for Tomorrow.  I have a strong interest in technology and current events.  I love music and animals.  I enjoy the business world because there are so many different perspectives on it from the accounting side to the entrepreneur side.  I hope to be a forensic accountant one day and live in downtown Chicago.  I love IU because of the amazing friends that I have made and the diverse culture of the campus!


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